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Sunday, April 16, 2006
Easter meditation
Easter seems to be a time of reflection for me. It doesn't matter that's it's autumn here in Sydney, not spring now, and I feel like I should be getting ready for Halloween - my face always breaks out and my body clock always resets itself. It seems like a good time to take stock of my life and see where I am in the scheme of the Universe.

I wanted to attend an Easter service today, because, despite my questioning of everything in life, I am still a believer in the teachings of Jesus. There may be nothing after this life, but I don't care. I want to make this life the best it can be for myself and those around me. I want to add a little sunshine wherever I go. If I can inspire a smile or a giggle, then I feel like I've done a good deed. My husband is usually the recipient of my interactive comedic moments, but occasionally, my workmates bear the brunt of my silliness.

This year, I donned a pair of bunny ears and delivered chocolates to my coworkers. They must have thought "that barmy American. She's at it again." But no matter - I got some smiles back, which of course, will just encourage me and I will have to think of something even more outrageous for next year.

Now my husband and I are watching a bad rendition of The Ten Commandments. I'm sorry, but Charlton Heston will always be my favorite gentile who plays a Jewish hero, whether it be Moses or Judah ben Hur. I can't get into this version of Moses - a violent sort of anti-hero with no sympathy or love for anyone but for people who never appreciated him. Charlton Heston, now suffering from Alzheimer's disease, was the NRA's greatest spokesperson, and I kind of think that if Moses was around today, he would have been a card carrying member, too. [Note: not a political statement - just a poke at the NRA and possibly Cecil B. DeMille] I also like the fact that Charlton's been married to the same woman forever. I can forgive him for making a couple of bad made-for TV movies.

Easter's also a time for feeling homesick. Right now in North Carolina, the pink dogwoods and redbuds would be blooming and the azaleas would be budding out. The days would be getting longer instead of shorter. Daffodils and tulips would be in bloom, and people would be out and about in their shorts. And I'd be in the local Kerr Drugs stocking up on marshmallow Peeps to store over the next year. Stale peeps are one of the small pleasures of life. Their chewy goodness can not be rivaled by any other confection on earth.

The local WalMart would be selling Easter lilies, too. I miss Easter lilies. I tried to put a photo of an Easter lily on our website to link to our Easter devotions - and our director didn't even know what one was. It's enough to make you want to wish you could swear off Charlton Heston movies and Peeps.

Almost. I guess I just need to learn how to deal with the withdrawal symptoms this year. No Charlton. No lilies. No redbuds. I try to look on the bright side, however. As long as they don't get lost in the mail, I should have some Peeps soon.

Happy Easter!

Postscript: as you can tell, if you read the comments to this entry - life isn't always a bed of roses. Some of us wind up with thorns in our asses. We're lucky if we've got a family member or a friend to help pull them out.
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  • At 8:57 AM, Blogger gardenbug said…

    Happy Easter. We're all blue, for some reason. usually Easter is a positive experience. After all, it represents a promise of everlasting life...without taxes and arthritis. Beth called in tears. Seems Anthony doesn't want to hear from her. He had Pete call Beth to tell her not to call him. I think that was cowardly. I also think that Pete should have told Anthony to do his own calling. What a jerk! Donnie is having his troubles, too. It seems that some bullies are jumping him after school. He needed medical care. Beth has called a school conference. She called the Police but they would not fill out a report. How disappointing. She should have a Police report as evidence when she sues the pants off the parents of the bullies. Stephen is in drug rehabilitation program and homeless and Andrew is like a shadow...don't know He's there. He stays in his room all day. However, the Easter Lilies are blooming and there are Peeps in the drug store, candy section.

  • At 10:51 AM, Blogger LivinginOz said…

    Oh - why is everyone having so many problems? Sometimes I wish I had a magic wand that I could just wave and make things better for everyone.

    Easter's always been a "tough" time. I remember the first time my kids refused to attend church with me on Easter - it was devastating. I couldn't understand why it didn't mean as much to them as it did to me. Some reflections aren't positive, are they? But you have to hope that we're in for a positive spell soon.

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