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Saturday, April 01, 2006
The high cost of sexiness
Dan and I were out shopping today. First, we did His shopping, which consisted of going to SuperCheap Auto Centre and looking at the same automotive items ten times over. First, there were car seat covers. We found one for the back seat of our BMW that we like, but couldn't find the matching front seat covers.

Then we found some front seat covers in an acrylic wool that we liked, but they had no matching back seat covers. We finally discovered some real honest-to-goodness wool pelt seat covers, matching front and back, but they cost five times what the acrylic ones cost. So, we put that on the wish list.

Then Dan found some wheel covers that he wanted to buy for my car. I'm not in the market for wheel covers, but I figure, if he wants to make my little Kia Rio look smarter, he's welcome to do that. So, he bought wheel covers, and not seat covers. Total cost for making my car look sexier: $12.00 (the wheel covers were on sale.) Cost of air freshener for car: $2.

Then we went and did some Hers shopping in town. I keep forgetting how nice it is to shop at the local shops instead of in one of those cookie-cutter malls. We strolled along the streets and peered into little boutique shops, Asian groceries, and bargain stores. The shops in town have a life all of their own. The people who shop in town are different to the people who shop in malls. They tend to be a bit more picky and in less of a hurry.

We wound up going into a lingerie shop, because, well, I don't look like Shelly Winters yet and I enjoy nice lingerie. I was in need of a couple of bras anyway, as they tend to lose their shape after about a year. My intent was to pick up a couple of cheap (ie, under $20) bras. I walked out with one matching bra and panty set, which set me back, after a 20% discount, a total of $60. I couldn't believe it. It was cheaper to make my car look and smell sexier than it was to make me look sexy! Where's the justice in that?

I can't believe I spent $60 on one bra and one matching set of knickers. It could have been worse, however. Some of the bras in the shop ran around $100. Adding the matching knickers would have set you back an additional $25. For UNDERWEAR. And it's not any better made than anything else I've seen. And it would have cost even more had I bought it in a fancy department store.

Next time I want something sexy, I'm going to the auto supply store. I bet that car air freshener is a whole lot cheaper than my Chanel perfume.
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