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Friday, October 20, 2006
Fatal crushes
Looking back on the celebs that I've had crushes on over the years, I realise one thing: it spells doom for that person.

Paul McCartney - first ever celeb crush. Bona fide pothead. Now going through a bitter divorce and custody battle with Heather Mills. I'm not sure how any woman is going to fare in Paul's life with Heather still around, as they have a daughter between the two of them. I don't think Paul will get married again for a long time - however lonely he might be.

Mel Gibson - I liked him better before he became so "holier than thou," than I do as the anti-Semitic raving lunatic. One thing positive has come out of his latest debaucle with the Santa Monica police: this had me in hysterics.

Bruce Campbell - stuck in B movie Hell. Still, he has quite a huge cult following. I'm looking forwards to seeing his new project: Bubba Nosferatu

David Carradine - I briefly had a crush on him when he was in the TV series Kung Fu. He hooked up with Barbara Hershey Seagull (who believed that the spirit of a seagull had posessed her after one was killed on a movie set - no joke). Now, he's faded to relative obscurity. Sorry, David.

Tim Allen - funny guy. Most of his projects seem to turn into gold. His movie The Shaggy Dog didn't do so great though. The curse may be starting to take effect. I like the funky glasses, Tim.
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