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Saturday, November 08, 2008
The Silly Season
Australians typically call the period from about the middle of November until after New Year's Day, the Silly Season. This usually means weekend after weekend of non-stop parties (which includes drinking and debauchery) and mayhem. People still go to work, but no one really expects to get much done.

Not so where I work. When you work for a Christian charity that eschews alcohol, there's little opportunity for things to go wrong. This does not mean that things don't get silly, however.

We hold our company Christmas party at one of the camps that we run. The camps are part retreat, part Outward Bound activities, and party attendees have the choice of dancing the night away at an alcohol-free disco, or doing such things as rappelling and riding the Flying Fox. I think it may be the only Christmas party in the world, where you're expected to show up in khakis and hiking shoes and to bring a bathing suit.

Not that this is a bad thing. The hard part about my company Christmas party will be - do I wear the knee-length khakis or the long chinos? And how do I look festive when I look like I'm going for a hike in the woods? And will Dan want to go swimming in the heated pool? That last one scares me. I have bleached blonde hair. Women I know with bleached blonde hair wind up with green hair after swimming in a chlorinated pool

I guess, if I wear a red bathing suit and my hair turns green - I'll look festive enough. Bring on the silliness!
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