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Sunday, October 16, 2005
Butch the cat
My husband and I don't have any kids of our own, so we adopted one. He currently weighs about 8 pounds and has beautiful blue eyes. He's his father's pride and joy. His name is Butch. He's a Ragdoll cat, and has got to be the most cuddly, mushy cat in existence.

Cats are the perfect pet for sensuous people. Their fur is soft, like a rabbit's, they're playful, and love to snuggle when you've decided to make yourself comfortable on the sofa. One of Butch's favorite games is called "Ambush." And it doesn't take any special equipment to play. Just walk past him when he's in a mood, and you'll feel soft little paws batting your ankles as if he's trying to capture you. Of course, rules of the game dictate that you must chase Butch down the hall, catch him, tickle him, and run away again.

My husband is a Cat Man. It takes a certain kind of man to be a Cat Man. He can't be someone who wants to control a pet and make it obedient to his commands. He has to be the kind of guy who wants a pet he can respect. He has to be the kind of guy who sneers at wimpy, cowering, tail-between-its-legs pets. No drooling, barking, hole-digging, neighborhood menacing Disney dogs!

No! He's the kind of guy who swears ... when he has to throw away his work bag because the cat peed in it. He also has to be good at giving the cat his medication.

Butch, while being a loveable ball of fluff, is also a sickly cat. We had to rush him to the emergency clinic one night a couple of months ago, when it became painfully obvious that he couldn't breathe. Fluid had collected in his lungs to a point where he had less than 20% lung capacity. One emergency operation, lots of tears, consternation, and $600 later, Butch could breathe again, but now he has allergies and is perpetually sneezing and snuffling. He snores louder than my husband now.

One would think that my husband would get tired of trying to force medication into a cat who thanks us by throwing up on the carpet. No so Dan, who is doggedly determined (excuse the pun) to make sure that Butch is around for a few more years. Butch is our Toilet Troll and lap warmer. My husband calls him "my little man." You've not seen anything until you've seen a 6'3" truck driver turn to mush over his pet. Who needs kids? I'm married to one.
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