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Wednesday, April 25, 2007
And now for something completely different
Oh the joys of being middle aged. Yes, my figure is changing, but I'm old enough, I don't care! Between the arthritis, the middle aged spread and the high cholesterol, I wonder how much more time I've got for a decent quality of life.

Today, Dan called me to him while he was browsing eBay listings, and spontaneously gave me the most wonderful, warm hug. I told him he gave the best hugs ever.

"I'm so glad you told me that," he said.

He also gives wonderful kisses and he does a pretty good job washing up after dinner. Maybe, as you get older, you realise that your time is finite and why focus on the negative stuff? We should be giving out more hugs and kisses and telling the people in our lives how good they make us feel.

So, to all my friends and family - you make me feel darn good! Free hugs here.
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