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Wednesday, June 25, 2008
After Dinner Tea with Dan
Dan and I have a nightly ritual. After dinner, we usually settle down with a hot cup of tea and something sweet to nibble on. There are a couple of rules for myself, though, that I regret if I break:
  • One: it has to be a smallish cup of tea unless I want to be up and down all night with trips to the bathroom and
  • Two: it has to be an herbal infusion of some kind, as caffeine will keep me awake for hours.
So, tonight I was rummaging around in the pantry, looking for herbal tea while Dan boiled the water in the kettle.

"I'm running out of herbal teas," I declared to my husband, who made sure I was going to use a small cup. "All there are, are these flavored black teas, and I can't have caffeine."

Without missing a beat, Dan offered:

"Why don't you have a coffee instead?"

There are good reasons why we're together. Laughter is probably healthier than tea.
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