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Tuesday, December 09, 2008
Where, oh where have my eyebrows gone?
Getting older carries with it subtle changes. My bra size has gone up and my energy has gone down. I've been fairly happy with this state of affairs, however, until I read an article in a women's magazine, which has me full of self doubts.

No longer can women be satisfied with maintaining a decent BMI and keeping wrinkles at bay. No - we must have eyebrows. Thinning eyebrows are a sign of getting older, and 30-something year old women were writing in, desperate to find a natural remedy for thinning eyebrows. Some people suggested rubbing caster oil into your eyebrows every night, but others reported that it actually gave them thinner brows! Horror!

Now, I have not had complete eyebrows since 1990. My facial hair is light brown or blonde - and unless I wear makeup, I look like I have no eyebrows nor eyelashes. There are visible gaps in my brows. This state is reminiscent of the face of an old doll with the paint worn off and the eyelashes broken off - or, as I've heard some say "two piss holes in the snow."

So, I decided to do something about it. But not anything drastic. I'm not having my pubic hair transplanted and I'm not getting my eyes tattooed. But I can turn to my old friend - Mr Hair Dye. Hair dye is now specially formulated for lashes and brows. It can still make you blind, but apparently, not as severely blind as the old formula dyes.

So, I picked out a nice dark brown shade and gave it a go and dyed my eyebrows. Voila! I still have eyebrow hairs - they're just lighter and finer than they used to be. The dye's given me my eyebrows back! But now I look like Count Dracula.

Thank god it wears off in a couple weeks.

P.S. Women's magazines are EVIL, I tell ya!
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  • At 12:12 PM, Blogger gardenbug said…

    I love a good arched eyebrow. They bring the face into focus and frame the eyes. Unfortunately, I don't have any eyebrows either. A brown pencil has become a necessity. My doctor says that thin hair and light eyebrows is a sign of a low thyroid. You may need thyroid supplement.

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