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Sunday, September 09, 2007
Dan's haircut
My husband, Dan, has wonderful silvery salt-and-pepper hair that goes curly once it reaches a certain length. Women were always jealous of it, as Dan used to wear his hair quite long when he was younger. In fact, he used to look a lot like Bob Geldof in his younger years. Now, he looks a heck of a lot better than Bob Geldof. They probably both talk about the same amount, however.

I usually cut his hair (Dan's, not Bob's), since he likes the way I cut it. I learned how to cut hair by following the instructions in Bob Bent's book How to Cut Your Own or Anybody Else's Hair. Truly - this book should be a staple in any home that has kids. I saved a fortune by cutting my kids' hair when they were growing up.

Dan has been asking me to cut his hair for a few days now, since it's gotten to the Girly Curly stage. I said that was fine and that we'd do it this evening, after his shower. So, Dan had his shower and I got out the hair cutting instruments: a comb and a pair of scissors. It's amazing what you can accomplish with those two simple things.

Dan decided that he didn't want to be full of prickly hair cuttings after his cut, and announced that he was going to sit, in the nude, for his haircut. So, while I was getting things together, he undressed and asked my opinion if I thought sitting in the nude for a cut was a good idea.

"Sure," I replied while rummaging through a basket of hair grooming supplies.

"You just want to see my manly sexy body," he said to me from the confines of our bathroom (the room reserved for haircuts.)

"Sure," I said again. "Just let me know when you get one."

We both laughed. And he got a pretty darn good haircut.

Listen to the audio. [5 MB]

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