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Friday, February 10, 2006
Banning pantyhose
I decided yesterday that I am going to ban pantyhose from my wardrobe. An incident occurred that spurred me on to this decision. One that I can now look back at and shrug my shoulders about – actually, I shrugged my shoulders over it yesterday when it happened – spilled milk and all that.

I decided yesterday, to wear a lovely longish skirt with a matching tunic length sweater and matching tie belt. It was casual, but smart. Everything was coordinated, from my jewelry to my shoes. I felt confident as I walked out the door in the morning, to head to work.

As it happens, once I got to work and had my morning tea and coffee, I had to visit the loo. Nature calls and all that. So, I did what one does once inside the confines of one of the stalls in the women’s bathroom, and then, did myself back up, including pulling up my pantyhose and straightening my skirt.

I did a little more work at my desk, and then it was off to lunch. I decided that I was going to have lunch in the shopping mall next door, but not before I had a conversation with a construction worker at the lift. We rode down to the street level together, and I didn’t think anything of this. One usually does have conversations with strangers in lifts to keep the silence from being too awkward. Even “have a nice day” is acceptable. The construction guy followed me out of the lift and we headed down the hall.

So, I left my office building and walked into the mall next door, and was riding the escalator to the second floor food court, when a woman came running up behind me, noticeably agitated. It was obvious that she was desperate to tell me something important. I thought perhaps that I had dropped money from my wallet, which I had clutched in my hand.

She bent over and said “Your skirt is caught up in the back.”

“What?” - I am thinking. I know I checked my skirt when I left the loo – I always do. But, no, I had missed a spot. It was, after all, a rather longish and full skirt, and a bit of the hem had gotten caught up in my pantyhose, which was on display for all and sundry, including the construction guy who followed me out of the lift.

I tripped as we got to the top of the escalator, reached ‘round frantically to try and discover where the offending bit was, pulled it out, thanked the woman profusely, and went off to enjoy a nice lunch of pumpkin and ricotta lasagne. After I shrugged my shoulders. Just another Melanie Moment.
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