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Thursday, November 30, 2006
Christmas wrapping
The Community Relations department of the charity for which I work is having their annual Christmas party tomorrow. It's not going to be your average party, as it's really a Christmas party for a group of disabled people. We will be helping to run games for them in the morning, and then share lunch with them in the afternoon.

To help make the day more special, we had a wrapping party in the Board room. Donated gifts were designated for a male or female recipient and then wrapped using cheerful Christmas paper, ribbons, and garlands.

I walked into the Board room (the only room with a table large enough for this project,) and got busy sorting gifts and wrapping them in shiny silver paper. Not wanting the gifts to look "ordinary," I cut up a purple garland into 5-inch sections and twisted each section to look like a pom-pom, which I then taped to the top of the silver packages. My fellow wrappers ooh-ed and ahh-ed over my creativity and one or two other followed suit.

We managed to get quite a few gifts wrapped in just over an hour.

Later that day, the wrapping coordinator sent out a little "thank you" to all who participated:

Thanks ALL for getting busy and helping wrap the pressies/pack/carry the boxes for Friday’s Christmas party.

Much appreciated all!!

(Sorry again about the tinsel Sal).

Sorry about the tinsel? This had me worried.

I asked Jas:

"What was the problem with the garlands?" I asked, dreading the inevitable.

"Oh, Sal apparently bought them for our TV show. I don't know how they got mixed in with the wrapping paper, but she walked into the Board room and said 'hey - my garland's all in little pieces!' Well, Mel, you set an example, because after you left, they got out the green garlands and started to cut them up, too."

I had to stifle a laugh, but inside I was wondering how tee'd off Sal was with us, especially at me, who started a bad trend. I imagined that she'd never help me again when it came to coordinating video productions for the Internet.

With much guilt, I emailed Sal:

Hey - I found out that the garlands we used to decorate packages with were supposed to be for Sunday's show! I am so sorry we used them. Are you able to get others?

Sal replied:

No prob – I am sure I can find more tinsel at this time of year!! Kinda funny though!!! Makes me laugh!!

Whew! I was so relieved that she wasn't upset. Nothing like a little tinsel to bring out the Christmas cheer.
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