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Wednesday, November 29, 2006
Mr. Fixit
My husband is a pretty great guy – and I will be the first to say it. What makes this even better is that my women friends will also say it. I believe that your women friends know better than you do yourself, whether or not you picked out a “good one.”

This weekend, Dan offered to clean my car for me. It was getting pretty dirty on the outside, but the inside was equally nasty. Little did I know that he intended to clean out my car, which was full of little pebbles, sand and twigs, with my little Dirt Devil that I brought over from the States, and which we operate with a voltage converter. Within five minutes, he ruined the motor by trying to vacuum up something that jammed the fan blade and snapped it off. A 10 amp motor does not a Shop Vac make.

To remedy the situation, I got onto eBay and purchased a new vacuum – one that doesn’t need a voltage converter. Unexpected expense Number One.

I then went back to the business of preparing for work the next day, which meant switching out my handbag, as I decided it was time for a change. That’s when I noticed my mobile phone was missing.

Damn! I must have lost it over the weekend when my bag dumped out in a parking garage! We scrambled around and called my phone carrier to put a block on the phone in case someone used up my credits (thank goodness for prepaids!)

So, the next day I went down to the post office shop and bought a new phone. Unexpected expense number Two.

We set up the new phone. Dan called my carrier to see about getting my old phone number back. He arranged to get my outstanding credits back. When the block on my old number wasn’t removed, he called them back and had them figure out how to do it. It was working properly by the time I tried to use the new phone the next day.

The vacuum cleaner arrived. I had asked the seller to send it to my home address. It’s too heavy to lug around on the train. So, where was it sent? To my work address.

Husband to the rescue. He’s driving into the city tonight after work, to pick us up – the vacuum cleaner, and me.

One vacuum cleaner: $120
One mobile phone: $99
One Mr. Fixit: Priceless
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