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Sunday, February 11, 2007
A rainy day in Sydney
It's's the outskirts of Sydney. We haven't had a good rain like this in at least five years (the five years that I've lived here.) I'm hoping that there will be enough run-off to bring the dam levels up by a full percentage point. That ought to hold off our total annihilation by a year or so.

So, what to do in bad weather, when you haven't had any in ages - especially on the weekend?

Dan's out in the downpour, scrubbing the barbecue and is proud of the fact that it looks in good enough shape to use now, without fear of catching some mad disease. In between scrubs, he's been watching The Prisoner on DVD. So this leaves me to fend for myself. I immediately turn to handbag shopping to soothe my boredom.

I don't really need a new handbag - this is definitely more of a want. In the past few weeks, I've shelled out for a new refrigerator, two wardrobes, and replacement eyeglasses. I want something frivolous.

Should I get a nice leather backpack? After all, shoulder bags are starting to give me a pain in the well... shoulder. Handbags are nice, but I like having both my hands free when manoeuvring the escalators with my laptop during the mad morning commute. I browse through eBay. Should I get a bright red leather backpack? Will someone think I'm wearing a target? I don't want black. Black is blah.

I turn to my old favourite standby - something in pink. I confess that I am a pink person. My favourite handbag is a pink Chloe bag (dubbed "Princess Pink" by my co-workers.) So I'm spoiled now. It can't be just any pink handbag.

Handbags are an extension of ones personality, I think. I like handbags that have lots of room for things, but still keep you organised. They have to be soft - cuddly, even; long-wearing, attractive, well-made and easy to clean. A bit like Dan.
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