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Tuesday, September 19, 2006
The reunion, part 2
After the initial sleepless night, the household was thrown into a frenzy. When you have eight people under the same roof, the day seems to revolve around food. What are we having for breakfast? Who's doing the cooking? Who's cleaning up? Who's buying groceries? And as soon as breakfast is over, you have to start foraging for lunch. I pity our ancestors. At least we can go to the grocery store. They had to forage and hunt for everything.

Upon news of our arrival, two of my other sons wanted to come to the house. Soon, there were five cousins loudly playing DVDs, music, and jockeying for PC time. My oldest son, Chris, is big into conspiracy theories and in another life, would have been an anti-Vietnam war activist. He's a vegetarian and has adopted many of the principles of Buddhism. He's actually a really cool guy and I love spending time with him.

The other son, Stephen, is a bit of a lost soul. He's been truly unable to stand on his own two feet since hitting adulthood. It's been one incident after another. He's totally dependent on his girlfriend's family for the roof over his head. He admits to being The Class Clown and has a way of making me laugh. He's endearing - no wonder his girlfriend wants to take care of him.

To see the cousins together is really strange. My nephews are average height and stocky. My sons are tall and lanky. To think they all came from a similar gene pool just shows me how fickle Mother Nature is. But then, there's my sister and me. We're no more alike than Ellen DeGeneres is to Julia Louis-Dreyfus. If you watched our family for a while, it would be like watching a sitcom. My family is much more entertaining, however.

With all of those people in the house, Dan and I were still sleeping in my mother's bed. I never realised before how little sleep I could get away with and still be able to function. Must have been all of those pistachios I snacked on, that helped. That, and the noise.

(To be continued...)
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