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Monday, July 03, 2006
Eating out
I find that, when you're a working couple, you look for ways to economize on work that you have to do around the house. During the week, it's not such a big deal, but on the weekends, we just want to play to make up for time we don't have otherwise. This means - neither one of us wants to cook.

So we eat out.

Most of the time, it's nothing fancy. A quick trip to a noodle bar or some Indian takeaway suits us just fine. I've developed a passion for tom yum soup at the local Thai café and Dan loves just about anything spicy. It's great that we live in a country with so much Asian, Mediterreanean and Middle Eastern influence, as spicy food is the "norm." He and I make a comical site in cafés nowadays, with our noses red and running. We wind up leaving a small mound of tissues for the server, but it's not bad enough to make us want to stop indulging in hot chili.

We just don't sleep in the same room that night.

Australia also has a great pub culture, so we take advantage of the $5 steak special at a lot of them. You just have to buy a drink to go with your dinner, and the two of us enjoy large steaks, mashed potatoes and a drink for under $20. Dan winds up eating half my steak and potatoes, but I don't think I have ever, in my life, eaten so much red meat. I'll never become anemic.

The other downside (besides the aromatic afterburn) to all this eating out on the weekends means that we are getting that middle-age spread. Or, if you listen to Dan, he says he's the one with middle age spread, and I'm the one turning into Dolly Parton. Incentive enough for him to put up with my runny nose and having to finish off my steak.

It almost makes me feel like maybe I should be cooking on the weekends. Almost.
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  • At 9:32 PM, Blogger gardenbug said…

    I love steak when eating out, too. Restaurants get the best grades of beef. Buying steak at the grocery store and taking it home to cook isn't the same. I eat only a portion of my steak and take the rest home. The next day, the cold steak is sliced very thin and added to scrambled eggs, sliced onion , potatoes, mushrooms...what ever is around. What a great breakfast or lunch!!

  • At 9:59 AM, Anonymous Sarah said…

    I was just sitting here doing my standard 10am procrastinating about what we should have for dinner tonight...that soup looks I think we're going to have a thai soup of some sort - perhaps a combination of a laksa and a tom yum.

  • At 12:25 PM, Blogger LivinginOz said…

    We're having soup tonight - but nothing as nice as tom yum. Steak on Saturday, though. :)

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