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Tuesday, September 19, 2006
The reunion, part I
Thirty-two hours in airport terminals and on a plane. We finally arrived in New York and had to track down our limo driver. The flight from LA to JFK was delayed by over five hours due to inclement weather. We were supposed to arrive at 5:30pm. We arrived at 11 pm in a downpour.

Our limo driver, Joseph, was a nice guy and chatted with us as we were driven from New York to Connecticut. He'd brought us a gourmet sub and some softdrinks to have in the car. Somehow, I mindlessly nibbled a bit of that sub. Had I actually been coherent, I probably would have enjoyed it. What I wanted was sleep.

Dan was chipper, though. The long limo ride gave him an opportunity to chat for a couple of hours after spending an eternity in the air watching re-runs of Myth Busters. I can't remember what they chatted about - some politics, some travel stories, food ... my brain barely registered their conversation. The leather seats were so nice and soft... I desperately fought to stay awake.

After an hour and a half on the road, we arrived at my mother's place. She answered the knock on her door in her robe. She was sleeping downstairs on her sofa bed and had vacated her bedroom so that we could sleep in her bed. I couldn't wait to climb in.

First, I had to say hello to everyone else in the household: my sister and brother-in-law, my nephews, and my son Andy - the one who has severe Bipolar disease.
When I saw him, I wanted to cry. He was anorexic. Unshaven. He looked like a homeless guy, even though he'd been living with my mother. But ten years of psychiatrists and therapy hasn't helped. Later that night, I did cry.

And then I climbed into bed, looking forward to a nice long sleep. My mother's bed has a very soft mattress. My husband is very big and weighs twice what I do. I spent the night fighting to keep from rolling into him. Eventually, I gave up and spent the night in the small of his back. I don't remember what I dreamed about that night, but I do remember fretting about Andy most of the night. When you're a mom, you just don't get a full night's sleep very often.

(to be continued....)
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