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Wednesday, September 20, 2006
The reunion, part trois
Day three. I'm off to visit Andy's therapist. Andy's no more communicative with me there, than he was without me there. His therapist and I chat alone for a few minutes. He agrees that it's wise to "let go." I still hope that Andy will make having his own apartment work for him. His therapist suggests that Andy might rise to the occasion and pay his rent and bills. I have my doubts, but there's nothing left except to make him dependent on me for money for the rest of my life while I take control of his finances. I'm not willing to alienate my son this way. Andy's lifestyle choices are his own ... for better or worse.

My mother and I go shopping. I need a straightener for my hair. One that works on 110 volts. I also need an antihistamine. My sinuses and allergies have exploded. We return and spend the afternoon baking cakes for the party the next day. My sister frosts one and my nephew does another.

The night before my youngest son and his wife arrive for the reunion, we have a big family dinner. My other sons are there. My brother in law makes BBQ pork ribs. I can't believe how hungry I am. Maybe it's all the running around.

After dinner, we clear the table and my mother and my nephew start playing music. My mother is playing an old Peter, Paul and Mary tune, "Today." I recall some of the lyrics. It's a sweet, sentimental ballad - the kind that was popular in the '60's. I'm suddenly feeling all emotional and nostalgic. My nephew, Anthony, follows my mother's piano lead with the guitar. The atmosphere in the room is one of close family. I wonder how often other families miss out on stuff like this.

Then my mother asks me to sing. She plays "As Time Goes By." It takes me a second or two to find the key, but I love this song and I sing as she plays. My son Stephen has the camcorder out. He hams it up and records us, taking a break every now and then to record his tonsils.

Tomorrow's the big day. I've given up sleeping with Dan. I invade my mother's space and share her sleeper sofa at night. We both sleep like the dead.

(To be continued...)
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