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Sunday, July 01, 2007
Madame Bijoux
I often wonder what kind of woman I will be once I hit my 60's. It's still a fair ways off, so I have time to make a lot of conjecture.

If I go by what's happening in my life today, I'd have to say that I get nightmares of becoming one of the drawings sketched by character Jack Dawson from the movie Titanic: Madame Bijoux. Madame Bijoux covers herself in old jewelry and old furs and hangs out at the local café, hoping for her long lost lover to come back from sea.

I suspect I won't be waiting for my lover to come back (Dan says that if anything ever happens to him, he'll be haunting me for the rest of my life.) But I do suspect that I will be covered in jewelry of some kind. Currently, my jewelry box overflows with fashion and fine jewelry that, even if I wore a different piece every day, would take me months to get through. And I keep going back to online auctions, looking for more. It's as if I'm looking for that piece of jewelry that will give me eternal youth, or that is "haunted" and will bring some magic into my daily existence, or that is a real "find" and is worth fifty times what I paid for it.

Let's face it - I like sparkly things. And the older the sparkly thing, the more I like it. Currently, half of my jewelry dates back to the 1940's and 50's. I like the continuity with the past. In some ways, I'm sad that I don't have daughters to pass this stuff down to, but there'd be no guarantee they'd like or appreciate it anyway. I'll have to will it all to Dan to sell it all at online auctions. Unless of course, he's haunting me, and then I might be wearing it at the local café, waiting for his ghost to appear to me.

I even hold onto the broken pieces, thinking that one day I will restore them. I hate to throw something away, especially if it's old. I don't have this same problem with cheap new stuff made in China, however. It's made to be thrown away, and when it breaks, it's usually not salvageable (I learned this the hard way.) Old jewelry, like old cars, are classics that should be given tender loving care.

With this in mind, I can look forwards to being an old classic one day, myself. And I intend to maintain a bit of sparkle, as well.
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