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Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Just swear while you work ...
I learned something a long time ago from my father. The lesson was:

If you want to get something done, swear while you work.

Many a time, my dad would be in the basement, with the plumber's snake, unclogging the pipes and getting filthy, all the while, letting out a stream of blue language that has probably embedded itself in the concrete walls. One hundred years from now, some ghost hunters will be in our old basement, with EVP machines, and they will capture the playback of a man cursing while he works.

The kick is, however, my dad always managed to fix whatever it was he was working on.

I do believe that this is a "man thing," as Dan does exactly the same thing. This past weekend, Dan was fixing a wall outlet that stopped functioning. He took the wall plate off (after he turned off the Mains electricity, of course) and immediately started to curse the person or persons who wired our house. They left no slack in the wiring for any kind of repair work.

Dan wrestled with the wiring, cutting his thumb in the process, and swearing up a blue streak. I was the designated torch (or flashlight) holder as well as band-aid provider. Fifteen minutes and fifty curse words later - the outlet was fixed and functioning. This methodology works well when you've got those odd jobs to do around the house.

Now, there have been plenty of times I've wanted to let loose with a stream of curse words where I work, but somehow, I don't think that would go down very well.
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