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Thursday, May 28, 2009
Some of you may remember my post from back in November, when I wrote about my sadness and confusion over the disappearance of my first husband, my sons' father. Because of this blog, I've been able to reconnect with his family, and I am totally thrilled! I know that some people would feel odd - but not me. It feels like a bit of me has been restored. I am hoping that some good things will come out of it and that we'll all benefit.

I guess I am writing this because, for many reasons, families become estranged, or best friends fight and "break up," and relationships get lost. In my case, the common denominator passed away, which opened up the way for renewing relationships without the spectre of the past acting as a wrench in the works. And with the way being open, old myths and misperceptions are falling away quickly.

There are still many unknowns, but the desire to meet the unknown is exciting rather than terrifying. I have few trepidations, because any connection is a bonus over no connection.

We are all family, after all.
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